We are a company dedicated to solving the challenges of education at the intersection of programming and technology, which is a confusing arena.  When researching names, we found that many companies use words like integrate, interface, and connect in education.  And yet, back-end systems are still confusing and do not work together.  So what, truly, is being connected?


We looked for something different.  In Uganda, the Lugandan language is spoken as it is written.  "Nsoma" is one word that is a full sentence, meaning  "I read."  It is simple and direct, but also a full thought.  The solutions to complex problems must also be simple or they will not really be solutions.


We believe that if you want things to connect, you need to connect them.  But that's often more easily said than done.  This is our mission to find the solutions that link technologies, reducing the complexity faced by schools and universities. 


Here's more about us.


Kathy Walter is responsible for conceiving and delivering innovative solutions that support the instructional and educational agendas of school districts and edTech companies. She recently served as the Executive Director, Product Strategy & Innovation at the NYC Department of Education and prior to that as Director, Product Development at a start-up online learning solution.  MORE...

BARBARA WALTER, Curriculum Advisor

Barbara Walter is an educator with over 33 years of experience.  Most of her teaching was in the Syracuse City School District where she was a teacher, administrator and instructional specialist.  She also ran and taught a pre-k program for 7 years where she was her children’s first teacher. Her career with the Syracuse City School District spanned 26 years.  MORE...