Get Online!

  • "We started with a great idea, but no one wants to buy it."

  • "My idea is great, but I don't know anything about running a business."

  • "We know this will help schools, but where do we start?"

  • "Our technology?  What technology?"


If you have an idea, we have a way to make it happen.  Our technology, expertise and support models help ideas become businesses and help businesses grow.  We've worked with companies of all sizes and needs to make their ideas happen.


Have a new game or set of curriculum you know helps students?  Teaching courses to improve teacher performance in the classroom?  Created a business with some schools and want more?  Noticed a huge gap in services and have an idea for a product?  



Why build new technology for schools and universities to fight with?  We have systems to take your ideas and content and easily integrate them with your exisiting systems.  In addition, we can extend your solution to add international capabilities!



Check out our client list for our current and previous successes.  We also have several decades worth of expertise working with companies large and small, domestic and international, brand new and recombinating! 



We become an extension of your team - we do not sit on the sidelines!  As you succeed, we're with you all the way.  We write brochures, ads, plans or requirements document.  We take customer calls and make sales calls - right next to you.