Marketing means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  Keep it simple (KIS) - find out who needs your product, how badly they need it, where you can find them and how much you should charge them.


In pre-K-12 education, many different institutions may need your product - public schools, private schools, parochial, charter, home, magnet, Montressori, maker, after school.  In Higher Ed, same goes - public, private, university, college, online, undergraduate, graduate.  But those are institutions run by individuals and those individuals may or may not have budgets and may or may not have the priority.


With marketing, it's important to know your market.  As a new business or idea, it may be difficult to find the time.  We make that time.  As part of our project work, we review and research your product, strategy, market, pricing, placement and positioning to ensure your efforts reach the right people at the right time.  We help engage the right advertising methods as well to fit your time and budget constraints.

Track A: Strategy


Create the right foundation for your product and build up marketing supports to get your product to your education customers.  

  • Product strategy

  • Market and product definition

  • Product messaging

Track B: Launch Preparation


Have an idea ready to go?  Or a pilot that keeps going?  Launch means exactly that - and the "boost" with it.  

  • Market readiness

  • Pricing

  • Advertising strategy 

Track C: Support


Too often companies think support at the time of launch.  We make it part of the beginning.  Putting the right operations in place to ensure the organization covers all customers right from the beginning.

  • Presales/sales

  • Advertising setup

  • Legal work

  • Customer support setup

  • Accounting

  • Technology operations