LIS Gateway for Moodle


Simplifying the exchange of data between Student Information Systems and Moodle

What is it?

A mechanism that allows the Moodle Learning Management System to be 

integrated with any Student Information System which supports the IMS LIS standard. Integration with an SIS means that Student, Course and Enrollment records can be automatically provisioned on Moodle from the SIS without any human intervention. Gateway eliminates the need for custom integration scripts, 

unofficial workarounds or repetitive typing when sharing information between the SIS and Moodle.

What does the Gateway do?

The software creates, edits and deletes course, enrollment and person records in Moodle. It listens for messages being sent from the SIS (for example, a 

message describing a new course).


Upon receiving the message, Gateway logs the message and then converts it into a format that Moodle understands. The converted message is then sent on to Moodle itself, which responds back to Gateway. Gateway then makes a final response back to the SIS.


Once installed and integrated with an SIS, Gateway itself is more or less 

transparent. As far as the SIS is concerned, Gateway is Moodle. The SIS user sends course, student and enrollment records and these are then created in Moodle.


Moodle users will still need to populate their courses with content but all of the enrollments will already have been done by the SIS informing the Gateway. End users themselves should not notice a difference.



What are the requirements?

At the bare minimum, Gateway requires a Java servlet container and database.  Gateway can be installed as web archive (.war) files and the database set up using supplied SQL scripts.


Gateway for Moodle is integrated with a single Moodle (of version 2.1 or higher).  The integration with Moodle requires that the Moodle services API is activated and that the Gateway plugin has been installed.  


Alternatively, a VMWare™ Virtual machine, which is pre-installed and pre-configured, is also available.  This VM has been tested using VMWare ESX™ 5.0 and VMWare Workstation™ v8.





LIS Gateway is developed and sold by Psydev Ltd.  Nsoma is a Psydev sales agent in North America.