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Interview "Schools and Technology Challenges"

FOX 5 Street Talk


Nsoma announces Kathy Walter's latest interview, FOX 5 Street Talk, discussing K12 school challenges and why technology continues to cause issues and frustration for school districts.

Technology-Enabled Personalized Learning:
Findings and Recommendations to
Accelerate Implementation

eSchoolNews, Indistry Blogs, THE Journal, May 2015


Participants determined that the major, collective concerns to be addressed are:

1.     The development and adoption of technical standards for tagging content, defining and exchanging data, and easing integration of the myriad components of the TEPL ecosystem needed to support educators, recommendation engines, and related pedagogical research.

2.     Data policies, agreements, and research protocols needed to scale R&D across data silos about what works with which types of students under what conditions.

3.     Redefining educator roles and supporting professional development to ensure that the human capacity needed to shift from a traditional teaching model to a student-centered TEPL model is available.

“Participating in and working with education thought leaders at the Technology-Enabled Personalized Learning Summit at the Friday Institute was a great pleasure.  I’m confident that the great insights and specific recommendations from the summit will produce meaningful, learner-centered innovation,” said Steve Nordmark, Chief Academic Officer at Knovation.


“The challenges of personalized learning and balanced technology usage remain front and center for schools and they need solutions.  I’m excited to continue the work to actively seek out solutions,” shared Kathy Walter of Nsoma.





New eBook "Education and Technology System Projects:
A New Vision for Success"

Marketwired, March 2015


Nsoma announces Kathy Walter's latest publication, "Education and Technology System Projects: A New Vision for Success," available on Kindle. The book contains innovative solutions to support the instructional and educational agendas of school districts, universities and edTech companies.

Education Leaders Ken Spero and Kathy Walter
Appear on the GingerNewYork TV Show

Marketwired, March 2015


Ken Spero of Ed Leadership SIMs, Along with Kathy Walter, CEO of Nsoma Will Discuss Learning Thru the Use of Computer Based Simulation. Friday, March 27, 2015. Manhattan Neighborhood Network TV Studios, NYC, Time Warner Cable Channel 34, 2pm EST.

Working with Instructure on LIS Conformance

March 2015


We’re delighted to be working with Instructure to help them achieve LIS conformance for their Canvas Learning Management System.

Linda Feng, Senior Product Manager at Instructure, says:


“Canvas is designed to save time and effort and make teaching and learning easier. Part of that is making sure that it is easy to move student data between Canvas and other systems, so it makes sense to implement the LIS standard. Standards like LIS are important to us because they allow the Higher Education industry to move beyond proprietary one-to-one integration projects that are brittle and expensive.  Moving to compliance quickly is also important to us, and that’s why we have chosen to work with the specialists at Psydev to help our developers navigate the process.”

New Cloud Version of Moodle Integration Tool Available

Marketwired, February 2015


Psydev Ltd has implemented its Gateway for Moodle as a Cloud Service for educational institutions using Oracle SAIP and PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. Gateway for Moodle simplifies the task of integrating Moodle with student information systems, automatically sending course, enrollment and student records from SAIP to Moodle.

Phil Nicholls, CTO at Psydev Ltd, explains:

“An increasing number of higher education institutions are seeing the benefit of moving to cloud-based systems and we wanted to extend those benefits to our integration offering. Gateway for Moodle operates as a transparent connector between the student information system and Moodle, removing the need to re-key information or create customised integration scripts to transfer data. Previously, Gateway was installed via local Virtual Machines. Now, we can host it in the cloud and handle all of the maintenance and updates from there – making Gateway even simpler to implement."

Nsoma Announces Strategic Partnership Between ELS and NaMaYa

Marketwired, February 2015


Nsoma announces a strategic partnership between Ed Leadership SIMs ("ELS") and NaMaYa who are partnering to deliver online professional development for education leaders.


A recent article in EdWeek stated: "The principal's job has been called both the most important in a school building and the loneliest, and the stress it places on individuals is illustrated by its rapid turnover rates, especially in high-poverty schools ("


In an effort to provide better Professional Development (PD) to build resilience and improved judgement for as many Principals as possible, Ken Spero, CEO of ELS was looking for a way to expand delivery of ELS' leadership simulations to provide enriching experience to more districts and buildings. 

Education Leader SIMs (ELS) Begins Training Superintendents
and Principals in VT and NJ School Districts

Marketwired, January 2015


Education Leadership SIMs (ELS) announces that Vermont Principals Association and New Jersey Principals Association (NJPSA) signed on for Simulations workshops and future training for their Administrators across Vermont and New Jersey. Simulations are real-life situations brought to computer-based training for people to study, discuss and train on behavior and reactions. Many industries including aerospace engineering and healthcare use them to train individuals on more complex aspects of job skills and best practices.


Ken Spero, CEO of ELS, states, "The attrition rate for administrators is a crisis. Nationally, every year, we lose 20% of our school leaders. In several states that number is dramatically higher. One core factor exists -- leaders feel they lack the tools to solve the myriad of problems that occur and continue increasing year-to-year.

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