Product Analysis and Review Service


Innovative education products are created every day, but that does not mean they will find customers.  Understanding what customers and users want is critical for product success, as is direct application and use in the classroom or administrative offices.


Over the course of a month, we work with a group of end users (Teachers, Students, Administrators, etc) to review your product.  And we report back to your team with recommendations for prioritized product development and website improvement.


Think of it as three user feedback sessions in one! 


Step 1. Product Demo


First, you record a demo of the product created by your team and the individual users review it across a known rubric.  This is when the user teams get familiar with your product and report their initial reactions.  

Step 2. Focus Group


A facilitated group session helps participants brainstorm additional ideas for the classroom or administrative use.  We know group facilitation grows additional ideas – both for the product and for its application in the school environment.  

Step 3. Individual Feedback


Then we go back to the user input team one more time for their additional, final comments on the solution and application ideas -- to gather any individual additions that come after the facilitated focus group.