Baby Steps

You probably think this post is going to talk about a recent baby encounter in my life and about how being an entrepreneur is kind of like being a child and learning to talk, crawl and walk. It is, but this is not that kind of post.

I’m actually referencing the moving “What about Bob?” – with Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus. Bill Murray is a deranged mental patient of a doctor in NY who gets assigned to Richard Dreyfus’s character just as the good doctor is heading on vacation. What ensues is a wildly funny portrayal of Bill Murray’s character following all of what Richard Dreyfus’s Dr. character tells him – and the hijinks that ensues. You should watch it for the pure hilarity. If you plan to, don’t read on until you do…and if you’ve seen it, please proceed.

Baby Steps.

Not only the name of the book, but the main source of insight that Murray’s character follows. And not just baby steps, but also encouragement, usually from the Dr and team (Dreyfus’s family characters), to continue staying motivated and on task.

Baby steps lead to walking and then to running. It’s the same with entrepreneurs. And it’s the same for companies that have been working for a long time and are ready to make a big change. Big ideas and big changes happen over time. Contrary to popular belief and too many bad movies, great ideas do not happen in the shower, after a big run or after a really good piece of chocolate. What does happen is a continued build up of ideas…as long as you keep thinking about them and keep trying things and keep iterating.

i.e. Keep taking baby steps.

Baby steps to the chair, baby steps to the door, baby steps to open the door, baby steps to go outside, etc.

Think more “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and less “Eureka!”

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